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Rural Nottinghamshire in October :)

Social Media!

We have now started a new Facebook charity page and hope to build up our following of it over the next couple of months. Charity pages give us slightly more options than community pages (with regards to connecting with other pages and visibility) which is why we thought this would be a good move. We have also have a Twitter and Instagram page…yes, i know that these words make some of you less technology-minded folks want to turn and run to the hills…but trust us, they will improve our reach/audience and potential connections, thus opportunities.

Links to our new social media can now be found on the main menu of our HOME page…or you can click here for ==> FACEBOOK...TWITTER or INSTAGRAM


Annual General Meeting 2016

What an absolutely fabulous evening at the NRS AGM and dinner. A sold out evening with 120 attending.

The venue, the food, the company and the after dinner speaker Sean Rickard were just amazing and the whole evening far exeeded expectations.

From NRS ‘A huge Thank You to everyone involved’ for making it such a wonderful night and for helping take this wonderful charity from strength to strength.

For the Annual Report follow this link

Annual report June 2016

Sean Rickard outlines his veiw to AGM guests

Brexit could mean wreck-it for farming.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU will have profound and potentially damaging effects on the farming industry…

“Every paper coming out of government for the past two decades has looked forward to an end to the kind of farm subsidies we have seen in the EU…”

“Land will continue to be farmed,” he said. “Without subsidies land will be farmed by a smaller number of bigger businesses, and farmers will look to use the latest technology and science to stay competitive…”

Mr Rickard is a former chief economist for the National Farmers Union and also director of the MBA programme at Cranfield University. Since 2011, he has been an independent economic analyst and is a government adviser and a regular broadcaster.

For the full story, check out the link below,

NRS08 – brexittalk

Autumn Newsletter 2016

Nottinghamshire Rural Support has experienced a 300% increase in ‘serious’ cases in the past 8 months…

Teamwork and Co-ordination is the key to the charity’s continuing success…, this is emphasised by Case Work Leader Lesley Sharpe.

Is how the nurse provided at the Newark Cattle Market is helping farmers.

‘Brexit’, the theme for the AGM to be held on 7th November at Hodsock Priory, Worsop, with guest speaker Sean Rickard

For more details on these and more, check out the link below,

NRS Newsletter 2016

New Chairman says farmers still facing difficulties

The new chairman of a Nottinghamshire charity that aims to help rural people struggling with stress or ill health says the need for its work is as great as ever….

For the full story please follow this link, Farmers Still Facing Difficulties